Our Woman Wings Mission And Vision

Women wing MISSION

To Stop all forms of Rape, sexual violence , acid attack and crimes against women and to provide better education so that they can make themselves independent.

Women wing VISION

Fearless and empowered women living with dignity and contributing as equal partners in development in an environment free from every type of violence and discrimination


1. To stop Rape and Acid Attack completely from India.

2. To run campaign to ban acid sales in India completely.

3. To arrange program of awareness on Cruelty to, Women, removal of blind faith on Dharma Guru , Sexual Exploitations in village and backward areas.

4. To protest and appeal government to investigate and punish rapists as soon as possible.

5. To bring such a law that male or female who raped should be punished.

6. To expose and punish those women who implicates men in a false rape case.

7. To start various training programs against, sexual exploitation, acid attack, rape or take up effective but reasonable and lawful steps on the connection for the welfare of these people.

8. To arrange,open,training programs ,rehab centre for physically and mentally disabled widow, old women, beggars , rape victim, acid attack survivors, in Industrial, Commercial ,Scientific , Agricultural, Professional, Technical and Medical knowledge. Provide adult education to eliminate illiteracy and also provide them required facilities to make them independent.

9. To arrange women seminar so that women of the society unite and assist each other, it will make efforts to address hardships of weaker and backward class women make efforts so that widow and needy women and society live with self respect.

10. To arrange hygiene related seminars for betterment of health and hygiene in general public and especially girls, children& and females

11. To arrange training programs and form women group for development and self reliance of women, provide educational guidance, self employment training, craft and home industry.

12. To promote women empowerment, in every field, we will appoint woman Presidents in the entire state and district, and those presidents will work to encourage women across India.

13. To Understand the prostitutes, and getting them on the right path by giving them financial help or by employing.