Welcome To Rashtriya Naya Savera Foundation

RNS foundation is a registered Public charitable and educational trust was founded by Mr. Abhishek Singhal in 2020. It has been fully engaged in public service and continuously working for social welfare. The area of work of the RNS foundation is all over India. In a very short period of time it has grown rapidly and now it's project and work is cover the different types of activities not only in India but also in abroad.

AIMS and Objective of the RNS foundation:-
The RNS foundation is fully committed to make BHARAT AS A VISHWA GURU . It works for the social welfare, society and country without discrimination of caste , creed and color.
1. To connect people of every caste, religion and gender, work for them, so that the message should be sent to the every citizen of India that our organization does not discriminate with anyone.
2. Undertake all the activates to bring up educational and mental level of societies, Encourage and Assist for Educational facilities and to form educated societies from lower level of people and for better culture values to all cast ,Religion and Gender.
3. To perform Educational activities and to teach about spirituality in educational institutions, Primary school ,Universities, Kinder Garden and libraries.
4.To arrange,open,training programs ,rehab centre for physically and mentally disabled, Deaf and Dumb children/People, widow, old men and women, beggars , rape victim, acid attack survivors, transgenders, in Industrial, Commercial ,Scientific , Agricultural, Professional, Technical and Medical knowledge. Provide adult education to eliminate illiteracy and also provide them required facilities to make them independent.

5. To help at the times of Excess Rain, Drought, Earth Quack , Epidemic, Natural Disasters and Man made plan.
6. To arrange ,manage, run scholarship, offer free education, free books, free meals , provide shelter, new clothes and all the necessary items to poor and orphan children.
7. To run libraries for poor and needy people.
8. To arrange hygiene related seminars for betterment of health and hygiene in general public and especially girls, children& and females
9 . To arrange women seminar so that women of the society unite and assist each other, it will make efforts to address hardships of weaker and backward class women make efforts so that widow and needy women and society live with self respect.
10. To arrange program of awareness on child labor, Cruelty to, Women, removal of blind faith on Dharma Guru , Sexual Exploitations in village and backward areas.
11. To start various training programs against, child labor, sexual exploitation , acid attack, rape or take up effective but reasonable and lawful steps on the connection for the welfare of these people.
12. To arrange training programs and form women group for development and self reliance of women , provide educational guidance, self employment training , craft and home industry.
13. To conduct Competition on Art, science, math, acting , dancing , singing, religious knowledge in schools and colleges .
14. To arrange training programs on Surya namaskar and Yoga in schools and colleges.
15. To conduct martial arts training to every child in the school whether it is a boy or a girl, so that they can protect themself.
16. To conduct training programs in the school on Cycling.
17. To check clean uniform in the schools and distribute prize.
18. To listen National Anthem from every student in the school and distribute Prize.
19. To Take strict action on both the doctor and the parents for killing foetus ( abortion).
20. To take strict action on doctors, nurse parents and in-laws who perform gender tests in the hospital.
21. To appeal Govt. to Make the law of 2 children for any caste religion.
22. To punish those who leave their newborn baby and run away.
23.To Find and catch child thief gang and appeal to the govt. To take strict action on them.
24. To appeal govt as well as will protest,that children who are begging should be taken to the orphanage and punish the gangsters who are responsible for this.
25. To appeal govt to make such law on the traffic signal that till the red light signal comes, everyone's engine of the vehicle will be shut down so that air pollution is reduced. And those who break the rules will pay fine and punished.
26. To Stop Car stunt and bike stunt on highway/road , and to appeal govt to arrest and punish them immediately.
27.To appeal Govt to make such law that It will not be compulsory for anyone to wear helmet.But we will definitely tell the benefits of wearing helmets and will propagate it.
28. To plant more and more trees, and also to inspire people to plant and grow more and more trees so that we can make India green and beautiful. also to plant fruit trees along road sides so that no any poor people will remain hungry. By arranging seminars will also spread the knowledge and benefits of planting trees.
29. To appeal Govt to provide shelter and food to stray dogs and animals .
30. To appeal government that all the pits on the roads should be filled immediately to prevent accidents due to the pits, in rainy season . so our team will protest for this in every city.
31. To please beggers by washing them with a bath, feeding them with food, giving them good clothes so that they feel happy.
32. To provide shelter, food, clothes , and employment to those poor people who don't have a roof to live. Will also provide self employment training to those people so that they can become self independent and make life easier.
33. To appeal govt to provide safe place to every people who sell goods on the cart so that they are not disturbed or harass by the police and they do not get disturbed in the public movement, even after this, if the police harass them, then the government should take strict action against these policemen.
34. To appeal the government to give martyr status to the police of our country if they are killed on duty, In the same way as our Indian Army soldiers are given martyr status.
35 To run campaign to cleanse all the seas, rivers, ponds and canals in India And To bring such law and appeal to the Govt , In the bus or train, any person has physical problems, injuries, cripples, they should be given the right to sit first, even if a woman has to stand for this.
36 To protest and appeal government to investigate and punish rapists as soon as possible.
37 To Bring such a law that male or female who raped should be punished.
38. To expose and punish those women who implicates men in a false rape case.
39 To run campaign to finding people through social media who are separated and lost from their family member.
40 To talk those children, who have sent their parents to the old age home, after persuading them, will ask them to take their parents back to their home and also give their parents the right to get half of their property. we will bring such law and protest for them.
41. To run campaign, in villages and inform the villagers about their fundamental rights.
42 To run Medical camps and blood donation camps time to time.
43 To appeal govt to take strict action on those children who are not distributing equal property into their siblings after passing of their parents.
44 To appeal Govt to bring such a law, so that the daughter gets equal rights in the property of the parent’s only if they take part in all the responsibility of their parents.
45 To run campaign and to appeal govt for unhealthy and Mentally disturbed people so that they will be given the equal right to live like other people, and no one in the society will see them with a low view.
46 To promote women empowerment, in every field, we will make woman president (All India women wing) , Presidents in the entire state and district, and those presidents will work to encourage women across India.
47. To provide laptops to the poor and orphanage children so that they can entertain themselves , learn, develop technical skills and enjoy technical things, they can know what is happening in the world and brighten their name in the world.
48. To inspect by our team in every state, district, every locality, to resolve problem of needy people immediately.
49. To speak to the Government to take some strict action and to give punishment to those govt Employees who are misusing their official position.
50. To work to remove corruption in the country.
51. To remove slums from every corner of the country, and provide them shelter , will also appeal to the govt to allott them houses.
52. To Check the houses that the government has allotted to the poor, whether they are staying in that house or not, if they are not living then send them to their allotted house, and get their problems resolved, and even then, if they do not agree, then will appeal to the govt to take back their allotted house from them.
53 To check all the houses that the government has allotted to those poor people , whether they have allotted or not, if not ,Then we will get them their rights from the government.
54 To run campaign that people should pay maximum tax, take computerized bill on everything, so that more funds can come to the government and they can do something better for the country.
55 To protest and to Talk to the government to install water meter in every house, so that the person get bill according to the amount of water used.
56 To Appeal to the government so that doctors and nurses in the hospital arrive on time.
57. To run Campaign against ragging in college and to appeal to the govt to ban ragging permanently in the colleges and universities, so that no any student tortured and commit suicide.
58. To provide Rashtriya naya savera foundation help line number to all over india, so that we could help every citizen of india immediately.
59. To run campaign against arbitrary donation in college.
60. To run Dispensaries and Pharmacy and maintain them assist by way of providing blood bank and Ambulance services.
61. To appeal to the govt. To Increase the amount of senior pension and Bidhwa pension in India , to issue those whose pension has been stopped. And those who do not have their pension will get their pension made immediately
62. To Ban animal sacrifice and killing of animals and also to ban sale and eating of animal meat as well so that they too have equal right to live .
63. To spread the spirituality all over the world.
64. To arrange seminar on the Importance of water and electricity.
To Enforce justice for both men and women victims of domestic violence.
65. To Enforce justice for both men and women victims of domestic violence
66. To Free innocent people trapped in false dowry charges.
67. To run campaign to ban acid attack , and acid sales in India completely .
68. To open a Family and Marriage Counseling/ Mediation Centre so that we can bring those people on the right path, who are getting away from their families and loved ones and also to aware people about family planning .
69. To support inter-cast and inter religion marriage to establish unity among people and also to reunite lovers of two different cast and religion.
70. To demand the government to make one law for every caste and religion in the country and will do best from our side.
71. To do such work and to get justice from the government for the transgender, Eunuch in society so that they too have equal rights to live with dignity in the society.
72. To Understand the prostitutes, and getting them on the right path by giving them financial help or by employing.
73. To Demand the government that the government school should also have a facility like private school.
74. To Demand the government that children of those who are in government jobs should be compulsory to study in government school.
75. To demand the govt. that Only children studying in government schools will get priority for government jobs.
76. To Protest against private school and hospital for arbitrariness in fees and charges , ,and demand the government to take some strict action against them.
77. To Protest for the Reservation that it should not be on the caste basis but according to economic or situation.
78. To demand the Govt , to Provide economic reservation to those intelligent people/children of any class and religion , who want to study and want to make future bright.
79. To Make Geeta class mandatory for hindu , quran for muslim , bible for christian and guru granth for sikh in schools , so that every child from childhood can become religious and cultured.
80. To arrange painting competition and run art galleries on different segment.
81. To do Mechanical and philosophical inventions, designs or will work for the welfare of the Country.
82. To do research on uncurbable disease which cannot be cured by Doctor or Medical Science, We will try to cure it.
83. To help the street children by providing them shelter, food and education.
84. To provide aid to physically handicapped people/animals in respect to artificial limbs.
85. To provide hearing aids to old age people.
86. To provide winter clothes , sweater to poor people in winter season.
87. To start various training programs against, child labor, sexual exploitation , acid attack, rape or take up effective but reasonable and lawful steps on the connection for the welfare of these people.
88. To Appeal to the government to give farmers their rights.
89. To provide legal, medical, financial, shelter, psychological, or any other help assistance , or charitable support for women, those who are victim of any kind of abuse and harassment.
90 To receive financial and non-financial assistance from govt. non govt. organization, international agencies, banks and any other legal entity or Individual.
91. To collect offerings, gifts or donations of all kinds, whether from GovernmentCentral or Semi-Government, all institutions, local bodies or industrial concerns, limited or private, locally within the Union of India or from abroad, which will form part of the funds available to the trust whether the bodies are located in the Union of India or abroad.
92. To purchase / acquire/rent the land and /or the building in the name of the Trust/Foundation for the upliftment and fulfilment of the aims and objects of the Trust.
93. To publish book, charts, illustrations, journals, magazines, periodicals, newsletters /papers and other publications in the different language and on the different subjects.
94. The activities and the branches shall all over in India and also in the different Countries of world.